Casting Runes

Discovering your fate has never been more effortless and fun than with CursorHead's Casting Runes.

Casting Runes adds the mysticism of Rune casting with the simplicity of an app that appeals to both experienced Rune casters as well as the novice.

Now you can save your query and review them at a later time.

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Casting Runes
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Choose from 5 different castings and begin selecting stones, which are placed in the proper order on the canvas and then randomized and returned "to the bag" after each stone is chosen. The app even comes with a blank stone feature that can be turned on or off depending on your preference.
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Retrieve your reading in one click or read the stones yourself.
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Background on the Aettir and stone meanings are but a click away...

Have a problem or wish request…? Click on Contact.
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…as well as the different type of casts to choose from.

Have another question…? reset or shake and ask again!
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See the Contact in the app if you find an error or wish to see something added to future versions.