Periodic Table for the iPad

CursorHead's robust iPad App combines many of the most sought after features into one easy-to-use application.  

App Highlights Include:

Who Discovered the Element

- Internet free data access, making studying on-the-go hassle free
- Up-to-date table with one click access to information on element properties:
- General
- Physical
- Atomic
- User generated note taking capability
- Bohr Model depictions
- Built-in dictionary
- Molar Mass Calculator
- The history of each element
- Search on Element, Name or Atomic #
- Lewis Dot Representation/Crystal Structure
- Spectral Light image
- Send your notes to friends
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And now with a Molar Mass Calculator that allows you to put in the chemical compound and see the makeup of each element.

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Element groups and radioactive elements are illustrated with just one click of a button on the interactive Periodic Table found on the main screen.

Simply clicking on any element in the table provides users with essential information on individual elements.
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Side buttons conveniently layout available element properties and other program features and data choices
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CursorHead's App allows the user to generate notes on each individual element, making study more convenient.
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The Bohr Model illustration offers the user a depiction of electrons, protons and neutrons for each element.
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Selecting a property will bring up a dictionary...
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... while clicking the "History button" will display the history of the element you are on.
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See the Contact in the app if you find an error or wish to see something added to future versions.